The consumer goods manufacturing industry needs reliable injection moulding and contract manufacturing solutions. The producers require quality parts and tools, so they can provide premium quality finished products for consumers.

Our mission at LenoPack is to offer our partners best-in-class quality, durable parts and tools with the outmost precise injection moulding technology. Our high-standard machines are capable of producing all the variety of particles that injection moulding can offer.

Contract manufacturing ensures our clients fast and prompt solutions servicing their varying needs. By contract manufacturing one can access quality parts and tools in various sizes, even large sized products without significant investment. To quickly serve complex needs we can reach out to further capacity through our network of strategic partners.


At LenoPack, the concept of excellence is inclusive of environment protection, energy management and occupational health. We always strive to do what’s best for the well-being of our employees and the environment than the law lays it down.

We provide realization of sophisticated excellence systems with conscious planning and apt, regulated quality control. In this way, we are capable of providing research and development on-site and equipment to fit the appropriate innovative levels of expectation.

Contract Manufacturing

Our company undertakes the produce parts and complete appliances. We manufacture components or carry out assemble and package of finished products, according to the needs of our customers.


As a supplier, we produce components for household appliances, but we also produce countless various trays for the food and catering industry. Apart from this, we also pack cutlery.

Thanks to our successful tender GINOP-1.2.1-15-2015-00715, in 2017, we implemented a
development exceeding a value of 100 million HUF, during which we installed a new thermoforming production line.