“Green vision – plant-based biodegradable plastic” – with this presentation Krisztina Lévay won the SCIndicator of the Year 2019 award. In this article, we not only present the details of this excellent achievement but also highlight the potential of the content of this interesting presentation.

A few sentences on the benefits and importance of the SCIndicator

It’s the first science communication mentoring program at a national level. The SCIndicator is both a search for and an introduction to the potentially high caliber individuals of the future. These undergraduate and Ph.D. students share their research interests and passion for science with the public in a science show.

And, as far as possible, presented in a way that the audience can understand, interestingly and excitingly. SCIndicator’s stage will therefore help to raise the profile of innovative scientific discoveries, while enthusiastic young researchers will be able to learn the most valuable presentation skills through a free three-month mentoring program.

Plant-based biodegradable plastic – the SCIndicator of the Year 2019

Krisztina Lévay has chosen an area very close to our own and has presented it to the public. Her presentation “Green vision – plant-based biodegradable plastics” was such an undivided success that she is proud to be the SCIndicator of the Year 2019.

Krisztina and her team are developing a composting technology that can reduce the decomposition process of household bioplastic waste to less than a month. Let’s be honest, this is a pretty amazing development.

So for us, it’s really good to hear and read about this kind of news. Because the use of plant-based biodegradable plastics is a forward-looking innovation for sustainability.

The potential of using plant-based degradable plastics

Sustainability, protecting the environment and reducing our ecological footprint is also a clear area of preference for us. In this spirit, we not only welcomed the concept presented by Krisztina, but we are also moving our production processes in the same direction.

In other words, we also strive to make the injection molding, extrusion, compression molding, packaging, and film glove manufacturing processes as sustainable as possible. We select the raw materials accordingly and optimize the method in this spirit on an ongoing basis.

The greater the awareness of the possibility of using environmentally friendly solutions, the better the chances of creating an environmentally aware society and operation.

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