What are the forms, extent, and trends in the use of recyclable packaging materials? What options are available and what can be expected in the future? In this article, we aim to highlight the particular added value of recyclable packaging materials along these lines.

An important pillar of a sustainable and environmentally conscious manufacturing process

Among other things, the production and distribution of the products, food, and other goods we buy mean that a staggering amount of packaging is used. While this has long been a waste product, it is increasingly being recycled in the spirit of environmental awareness.

Re-use, recycling, or composting of packaging materials is a clear driver for sustainability. It not only extends the life of packaging materials but also reduces the amount of waste generated from packaging materials that are no longer used.

Another positive development in this area is the fact that more and more market players are setting a clear target for the use of recyclable packaging materials.

What materials can we talk about for recyclable packaging materials?

Among others, this kind of recovery is also done daily in our production unit in Dunaújváros. We also produce environmentally friendly recyclable and compostable PLA cutlery and packaging, even on a large scale if required.

The use of recyclable flexible paper packaging instead of disposable plastic alternatives is an increasingly common phenomenon in the packaging of food products and ready meals, among other things.

Consumers are also becoming more aware of the need to collect different types of bottles and flasks, and manufacturers can reuse the returned packaging in reprocessed form. So there are more and more reasons for optimism, which is very encouraging.

The importance of recyclable packaging materials on an industrial scale

Of course, it is only on an industrial scale and in volume that the importance and added value of recyclable packaging materials become apparent. After all, the more the packaging material itself is recycled, the more we can move towards a more sustainable world.

Another positive development in this respect is that more and more multinational and well-known companies are opting for environmentally friendly solutions. If one global player commits to the use of recyclable packaging materials, this will automatically generate a similar trend from other players in the market.

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