The Engel 175t injection molding machine finally arrived at our production hall in Dunaújváros in the pouring rain. It’s a more serious mechanism in terms of size and capacity, so we wanted to dedicate a special post to its presentation.

In this article, we’ll discuss the dimensions and features of the Engel 175 injection molding machine, and of course, we’ll also go into more detail about the needs it can serve from the customer’s side.

Not just a simple milestone for our injection molding service

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve managed to install the largest injection molding machine ever in our production hall in Dunaújváros, and we consider it a major milestone. Of course, the installation and commissioning itself was not such a simple process.

Because the presence and assistance of a 50-tonne lifting crane were also needed to lift the Engel 175t, which already weighed 11.5 tonnes. Of course, a professional team was entrusted with the supply of this robust and extremely valuable piece of production equipment, but they also needed hours to set it up precisely.

What sizes and parameters should be associated with the Engel 175t?

We have already mentioned above that the curb weight is well over 10 tonnes. It’s important to add, of course, that this was not the only reason for our decision to purchase and regularly use the Engel 175t.

It was its performance and capacity that convinced us the most. For example, the clamping force of 1750 kN is quite impressive. In addition, the size range of 5,750 x 1,680 x 2,190 mm gives ample scope for high-level injection molding.

Because it’s not a secret that we expect high performance and impeccable operation from the Engel 175g. This was also one of the deciding factors in favor of the Austrian manufacturer, and it was with this in mind that we chose the market leader’s high-capacity injection molding machine.

The Engel 175t injection moulding machine in practice

Mold sealing, injection, cooling, and then product release. In practice, the injection molding process follows these phases. Thanks to the advanced capabilities and outstanding efficiency of the Engel 175t, we are now able to do this on a large scale and to meet a wide range of requirements.

Even when our customers make extra requests in terms of deadlines or production volumes. And we can do all this in practice, while at the same time respecting the environment. Because the circular economy and sustainability are still a priority in our processes, and the Engel 175t injection molding machine is used in this spirit.

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