What exactly do we mean by the process of compression molding? What is the usefulness of the process and what kind of products is it practically used for?

By answering these questions, this article will try to show the essence, the added value and, last but not least, the practical usefulness of compression molding.

In a nutshell, the essence of compression molding

Compression molding is a special thermoforming technology or in other words an advanced and sustainable way of thermoforming plastics. The mechanism of the process is that a vacuum sucks the heated plastic film into the mold cavity from one side. Another important factor is that the film itself is pressed onto the surface by compressed air from the other side.

The advanced, efficiently implemented and highly functional technology enables more precise tracking of the tool contour. Of course, compression molding has a lot of added value beyond that.

So it’s by no means a coincidence that we have invested ourselves to deliver the highest volume and quality.

What are the advantages of using compression molding?

An argument in favor of compression molding is that it can be done at a high level without the need to purchase and use very expensive tools. Moreover, the cost benefits of the process in terms of quality are not reflected at all.

Because compression molding enables precision machining almost equivalent to injection molding, with impeccable quality. Not to mention the fact that, compared to vacuum forming, the quality is superior.

The question may of course arise as to how and in what form the usefulness of the press-forming process is manifested in terms of the product produced. We will come to that in a moment.

Opportunities for the use of products made by compression molding

Special plastic boxes are manufactured using a compression molding machine in our production unit in Dunaújváros. These boxes may be familiar to everyday users, as they are used to pack food in restaurants or for home delivery.

Food processors and food packaging companies, together with vegetable and mushroom growers, can also benefit from the final product of the molding process. It’s also important to add that the possibilities for sustainable and environmentally friendly press molding are now available. Naturally, we work according to these aspects.

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